"Wood" You Believe You Own a Hazardous Tree?

5 signs you need tree removal services in the Havre De Grace, MD and Baltimore area

It's summer in the Havre De Grace, MD and Baltimore area, and most of your trees are leafy green. But one tree on your property looks out of place with its wilted brown leaves. Don't ignore your sickly tree-cut it down to protect its healthy neighbors.

JR's Landscape & Tree Services, LLC provides expert tree removal services, so you won't have to haul out the ladder and chainsaw.

Not sure if you're dealing with a hazardous tree? It's a smart idea to cut down a tree that has...

  • Loose or peeling bark
  • Dead or discolored leaves
  • A hollow or brittle trunk
  • Signs of an insect infestation
  • Mushrooms growing around the roots

Our crew will cut down your hazardous tree safely. Call 443-224-3727 today to make a tree removal appointment.

"Leaf" your tree trimming to the pros in Baltimore and Havre De Grace, MD

Turn to JR's Landscape & Tree Services first whenever you need tree services, including tree trimming and stump grinding. We'll save you the trouble of...

  • Trimming dead or diseased limbs
  • Pruning selective branches
  • Grinding limbs into mulch
Contact JR's Landscape & Tree Services today.